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Nick PopeAuthor, Journalist and TV Personality

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In August 1990 two hikers in Scotland had a spectacular close encounter with a huge diamond-shaped UFO hovering no more than a hundred feet above ground level, in broad daylight. They took a series of stunning photos and contacted a national newspaper, but the Ministry of Defense acquired the photographs and negatives, and somehow killed the story. For years, a poster-sized copy of the best photo was displayed on UFO project’s office wall in the MoD’s HQ building, before it too disappeared.

What was the mystery craft, how were the photos confiscated from the media and from MoD officials alike, and what happened years later when a TV company recreated the photo and tried to piece together the story of what happened? Come and hear about a real-life cover-up, stranger than anything you’ll see in The X-Files.

Author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope worked for the British Government for 21 years and for much of the early Nineties ran the Ministry of Defense’s UFO project. The media call him the real Fox Mulder and he’s now recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs, the unexplained, and conspiracy theories.

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