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Haktan Akdogan

Latest many UFO Sightings and Close Encounters by civilians, pilots and military personnel including many high ranked Generals in Turkey with many incredible UFO footages and photos.

Along with one of the most significant UFO case and videos of all time that also cover two extraterrestrials were caught on tape in Istanbul three years in a row 2007 / 2008 and 2009. This extraordinary incident took place in a compound in Kumburgaz/Istanbul and was witnessed by nearly a dozen of residents and filmed by a guard. These are indeed one of the most important UFO/extraterrestrial images ever filmed. The detailed documentation of this most remarkable incident with all the footages and testimonies of the witnesses and the world press coverage. Haktan will also discuss the importance of “World UFO Disclosure” for the future of our planet and humanity as we move into mega Earth changes…”He is the founder and chairman of Sirius UFO Space Sciences and Research Center www.siriusufo.org  (founded 1995) in Turkey

About Haktan Akdogan:

Our founder and chairman Mr. Haktan Akdogan is worldly known pioneering Turkish UFO researcher and has been studying the subject past 29 years ...

He has also produced and hosted 52 episodes of a weekly documentary TV Program on UFOs named “UFO Reality” which was shown in 3 different national TV Channels in Turkey...

Our Centre chaired by Akdogan has been involved in intensive studies on the subject and initiated many National and International Conferences and workshops…

Apart from the Centre’s studies, Mr. Haktan Akdogan is continuing to give conferences on the subject both in Turkey and in many different countries worldwide. He continues to speak at numerous national and international conferences, at Universities, National Associations and private organizations...etc.

He is also a board member of “The Exopolitics Institution” based in Hawaii-USA www.exopoliticsinstitute.org

Mr. Akdogan is also the founder of the First International UFO Museum of Europe, Balkans and Middle-East which has opened in Istanbul, Turkey on January 17th 2002.

He is also the creator of World’s First “Travelling (Mobile) UFO Museum” www.siriusufo.org
Haktan Akdogan is also the creator of the “World UFO Day” which suggests to make peaceful demonstrations and events worldwide on every 2nd of July to increase the public awareness about this important fenomenon as well as to demand world governments to tell the people of the Earth “The Truth!” www.worldufoday.com

He is also the creator and founder of World’s first and only Global Social Network www.UFOCircle.com . UFOcircle helps you connect, meet and share with UFO&Alien enthusiasts, believers and researchers around the Globe….

He is also founder of the “World UFO Disclosure Campaign”. This is a non-profit worldwide campaign that it’s primary aim; to have U.N General Assembly to hold open and secrecy free hearings on the UFO/E.T presence on Earth. Through the Campaign we intend to collect the signatures of millions of enthusiasts, believers and activists in Ufology around the world, all asking in one single voice that the governments of the Nations stop their policy of secrecy over UFO’s/E.T’s and disclose the truth. www.siriusufo.org 

In order to inform the public on UFO reality, Mr. Haktan Akdogan participated in more than 585 national and international TV programs and news worldly as a guest speaker, published numerous articles and gave many interviews both on TVs, radios and national and international newspapers.

Dolores Cannon

Q&A 27 years of Investigations  in the UFO Field

Throughout the mid to late 1980s, Dolores work slowly began taking her in a completely new direction of exploration. She was introduced to the area of UFO and ET investigation in 1985 when she attended her first annual meeting for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), one of the largest and most respected investigative UFO organizations in the world. One year later, Dolores'' interests took her to the United Kingdom where she conducted on-site studies of suspected UFO landings and investigated numerous crop circles found in the English countryside. In 1987, at one of the annual MUFON meetings, she was asked to conduct a session with a woman who felt she was having abduction experiences but lacked the ability to remember anything in detail. Up until this point, Dolores'' hypnosis technique automatically propelled her subjects backwards into a past life. She had to modify her approach to keep her from going into a past life to concentrate on current events. As a result of the interest in this woman and Dolores herself, over 30 observers were allowed to attend the session, which was far from a conducive environment for an "experiment." Amazingly, both the diversion from her usual approach and the highly unusual environment the session was held in worked very effectively and produced some amazing results.

Dolores learned that some people have had experiences with ET''s from early childhood and that often multi-generational relationships exist between Earth family lineages and ET races. The little greys have in fact been created as a type of biological robot by another race far more advanced than humanity. This explains why so many people report the little greys to be extremely cold, almost removed of any emotional expression. The races that created them are the much taller greys with very slim torsos, skinny limbs and large, black eyes. Throughout her adventure into ET and UFO exploration, Dolores came into contact with numerous ET entities that come through her subjects to deliver information and understanding. There truly is a wealth of life out there in the universe existing in all shapes, forms and sizes.

Her book The Custodians (1998) signified a groundbreaking publication for Dolores after more than 20 years regressing clients with ET and UFO experiences. We learn that almost all so called abduction cases are actually mutual agreements made prior to incarnating for the purpose of helping one another. Just as we experience amnesia about who we are and where we are from prior to incarnating on Earth, so too do we experience amnesia regarding the contracts and agreements we made with others before coming here. The problem existing today is that the majority of humanity''s perspective on extra-terrestrials has been shaped and manipulated by mainstream media, religious belief systems and scientific dogmas. How few people are truly able to approach this area with an objective, unbiased stance. In recognizing this, it is understandable that so many people approach this subject with fear, dismissal or complete denial. The Custodians helps bridge the lack of understanding between: •Identifying that mysterious events and experiences are indeed happening to millions of people on every continent on the planet. • Having those events and experiences dismissed, denied and ridiculed by the scientific, governmental and religious institutions so many people depend on for answers.

Other books which were published as a result of Dolores'' explorations into the fields of UFO activity and Extra-Terrestrials include Legacy From The Stars (1996), which explores the vastness of our individual beings and our off planet origins, and the Legend Of Starcrash (1994), which describes a life where a woman is regressed back to a time when a spaceship crashed in the Alaska/Canada region thousands of years ago. It is the story of the origin of the Indian races in America.

Film Premiere - "Hidden Hand" see info Here

Linda Moulton Howe

10,000 B. C. Gobekli Tepe and Other Ancient Stone Structures –
E. T. Terraforming?

I traveled to Turkey in June 2012, to see the dozens of 19-foot-tall, elegantly carved limestone pillars erected in a series of circles covering 30 acres of a hill called "Gobekli Tepe" a few miles from the northern Syrian border. Carbon dating places the age of the finely honed pillars at 10,000 B. C., or 12,000 years ago. Beginning in 1994, German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, Ph.D., from the University of Heidelberg and the German Archaeological Institute, began slowly and carefully excavating the large hilltop site that is more than twice the age of Egypt, Sumeria and Stonehenge. Compounding the mystery is the soil compression test revelation that about a thousand years after its creation, all of the Gobekli standing pillars in circles were buried entirely with soil. The immense effort required to erect the many sophisticated large stone circles 12,000 years ago and then bury them a thousand years later provokes speculation that Gobekli Tepe and stone circles such as Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia; worldwide pyramids; and ziggurats in the Middle East could be self-activating machines left behind by non-human intelligences that have terraformed Earth for millennia. Emmy Award-winning TV producer and investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe will present her firsthand research at Gobekli Tepe, along with scientific data about other stone enigmas.

About Linda Moulton Howe:

Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Master’s Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment. Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination and a Station Peabody award (medical programming).

Linda produces reports and edits the award-winning science, environment and earth mysteries news website, Earthfiles.com , honored with a WebAward for News Standard of Excellence, a W3 Silver Award in the news category, an Award for Standard of Excellence presented by the internet’s WebAward Association and Encyclopedia Britannica Award for Journalistic Excellence.

In October 2013, Linda was videotaped for more segments in The History Channel series, Ancient Aliens, produced by Prometheus Productions, Los Angeles. Linda has participated in the Ancient Aliens TV series production since its first season in 2008.

In May 2013, Linda participated as a journalist witness before several retired U. S. Congressional representative panelists in the 2013 Citizen Hearing at the National Press Club, Washington, D. C., produced by the Paradigm Research Group . Her topics were military and intelligence eyewitnesses and physical evidence that confirm the interaction of non-humans with Earth suppressed by a U. S. policy of denial since WWII.

In April 2013, Linda was honored with the first Lucius Farish Foundation award for excellence in research and productions concerning the UFO phenomena at the 26th Annual 2013 Ozark Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

George Noory

About George Noory:

George Noory, host of the nationally syndicated program, Coast to Coast AM, says if he weren’t a national radio talk show host, he’d be in politics. Heard by millions of listeners, Coast To Coast AM airs on approximately 564 stations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Guam.

George captivates program listeners with his discussions of paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abductions, conspiracies and all things curious and unexplained. He is driven, he has said, by the desire to solve the great mysteries of our time.

Antonio Paris

Space Science and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

Allegedly, extraterrestrials from nearby stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, and from other galaxies in the observable Universe, are visiting earth. From a planetary scientist's perspective, however, there is a convergence of many factors that challenge the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFO phenomena. Regardless of whether or not technologically intelligent life exists outside of our Earth, the laws of physics and space science apply to extraterrestrials as well. Topics for this presentation will include:
• Understanding the Universe and Stellar Evolution • Alleged Extraterrestrials in our Backyard • ET Homes: Bad Real Estate • Parallels of Alleged ETs and Human Biology • The Speed of Light and why it Matters • Limits of Interstellar and Intergalactic Travel • Time Dilation and the “Alien Twins Paradox” • Tough Questions for the UFO Culture

About Antonio Paris:
Antonio, the Founder and Director of the Aerial Phenomena, is a former US Army Counterintelligence Officer and Department of Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent. He was awarded a Bronze Star for combat operations in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Today, Antonio works for the science, technology and engineering firm Science Applications International Corp. (ISR & Space Operations) supporting several US Government clients in the Washington, DC area. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from The City University of New York and a Master’s of Science in Planetary Science from the American Public University. Additionally, Antonio is the Director and Founder of the Center for Planetary Science – a science outreach program bringing astronomy, planetary science, and astrophysics to the next generation of space explorers.

Antonio, moreover, is a member of the Washington Academy of Sciences, the National Capital Astronomers; is a graduate of the S2 Institute’s Florida Private Investigator Course; and has appeared in dozens of radio shows, webcasts, and cable TV interviews, including volunteer consulting work for the popular TV series Unsealed: The Alien Files. He is the author of Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century; and the director and producer for the documentary Area 51: A History of this Reclusive Base.

Nick Pope

X-Files Reloaded

When the UK Ministry of Defense started declassifying and releasing its UFO files in 2008, and when other countries such as Canada, Russia and Brazil followed suit, many believed that Disclosure was imminent. When the release program concluded in June 2013, over 50,000 pages of documents had been released, but whether by accident or by design, the mainstream media either didn't find the most compelling material (the best place to hide a book is in a library!), or missed its significance. Nick Pope was involved in the release of these UK government files, both behind the scenes, and as the public face of the program. In this entirely new presentation he highlights the material the media missed, and explains what documents are still being withheld - and why. Finally, Nick will offer some provocative thoughts on who within government currently has the lead in respect of UFO research and investigation, and what they're hoping to achieve. The answers are both surprising and disturbing.

About Nick Pope:

Nick Pope is a former employee of the UK Ministry of Defense, and from 1991 to 1994 he ran the British Government's UFO project. Nick held a number of other fascinating posts in the course of his 21-year government career, which culminated in his serving as an acting Deputy Director in the Directorate of Defense Security. He now works as an author, journalist and broadcaster, covering subjects including the unexplained, fringe science, space, defense and intelligence.

Anthony Cataldo

The Worst Kept Secret In The World

Anthony will be presenting an outline of his next movie 701 and several of the cases presented in the film. He will also discuss his new role as board director of MUFON.

About Anthony Cataldo:

Anthony J. Cataldo, Hollywood producer, has made over a dozen feature films and worked with actors/directors such as Gus Van Sant, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walken, Alec Baldwin, Martin Landau, Jean Claude Van Damm, just to name a few. Anthony Cataldo was Chairman and CEO of Miracle Entertainment (formerly Cannon Films) for four years. He is currently working on his next film. 701 The Movie. Other positions include: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Director. Mr. Cataldo served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of VoIP, Inc. from September 2006 through April 2008. During the past 5 years, Mr. Cataldo has served as non-executive chairman of the board of directors of BrandPartners Group, Inc., a provider of integrated products and services dedicated to providing financial services and traditional retail clients with turn-key environmental solutions from October 2003 through August 2006. Mr. Cataldo also served as non-executive co-chairman of the board of MultiCell Technologies, Inc., a supplier of functional, non-tumorigenic immortalized human hepatocytes from February 2005 through July 2006. Mr. Cataldo has also served as executive chairman of Calypte Biomedical Corporation, a publicly traded biotechnology company, involved in the development and sale of urine based HIV-1 screening tests from May 2002 through November 2004. Prior to that, Mr. Cataldo served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Miracle Entertainment, Inc., a Canadian film production company, from May 1999 through May 2002 where he was the executive producer or producer of several motion pictures. From August 1995 to December 1998, Mr. Cataldo served as President and Chairman of the Board of Senetek, PLC, a publicly traded biotechnology company involved in age-related therapies. Most recently, From February 2011 to June 2013 Mr. Cataldo served as Chairman and CEO/ Founder of Genesis Biopharma, Inc. Mr. Cataldo created Genesis Biopharma with the inclusion of assets purchase from the National Cancer Institute (NIH) for there novel treatment of Stage Four Cancer treatment for melanoma. He raised is excess of $30,000,000 and brought the company value up to $300,000,000.00.

Travis Walton

FIRE IN THE SKY, Then and Now

"Travis Walton recounts events of the November 1975 UFO encounter incident that inspired the movie from Paramount Studios. He will include newer developments from the investigation and research that followed the incident. Mr. Walton will also present his more recently developed opinions about what were the intentions and possible agenda of the beings he encountered.

About Travis Walton:

"Travis Walton is the Arizona logger whose 1975 encounter with a UFO was witnessed by his six co-workers. The crew were given lie detector tests by state police when they were accused of inventing the UFO report in order to cover up for murdering Walton. Travis Walton's book about the incident was made into the Paramount movie FIRE IN THE SKY. Although he has at times withdrawn from public discussion of his experience, Mr. Walton has nevertheless been the subject of countless worldwide media reports and now speaks about it internationally."

Sherry Wilde

The Plight of Humanity

The Alien Abduction topic is one filled with lots of speculation and conjecture by the UFO investigators. Most of the analysis is being done by those who have never even had a contact experience themselves and can only form opinions based on what they hear and observe from the actual participant. Sherry has had an overwhelming amount of physical contact with beings from an alternate reality and has worked her way through the layers of disbelief, fear, confusion and ridicule. She found support and answers in places she never expected and through that process began to remember the truth of who she is and why her contact was such a necessary part of her earthly experience. She will share highlights of that journey and bring to light the incredible story of humanities evolutionary path.

About Sherry Wilde:

Sherry Wilde was born & raised in southwestern Wisconsin and continues to spend the majority of her time there. She operated a successful real estate business specializing in sales, land development and commercial renovations until the recession hit. Still somewhat active in real estate, she prefers to spend her time traveling and giving lectures about her ongoing ET contact in an effort to help awaken humanity and shed light on the “alien abduction” phenomenon.

Film Premiere - "Zipper" See info Here





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